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Wagon Code Recognition

Accurately recognizes and deciphers codes and symbols, enhancing logistics and freight management efficiency.


In the dynamic world of railway logistics, the accuracy and efficiency of tracking wagons are crucial. ICX platform emerges as a groundbreaking module in this sector, offering an advanced solution for recognizing wagon IDs and codes. This state-of-the-art technology is set to transform how railway vehicles are monitored and managed, enhancing the overall efficiency of railway operations.


The module is adept at recognizing numbers on a variety of railway vehicles, including locomotives, freight wagons, railway platforms, tank cars and many more. It operates effectively in diverse external conditions, ensuring consistent performance regardless of environmental factors. This versatility is crucial for the wide range of applications and scenarios encountered in railway logistics.

Key features


95% – 99%

Supported Codes

European(UIC), Russian(RUS), Brazilian (BRA), North American (AAR), South American, Indian Railway Codes

Supported Input Type

Images & Live Stream

Wagon + Container

It can run with Container Code Recognition support

SDK support

railway logistics wagon code recognition


The deployment of the ICX platform in railway logistics brings about a transformative change in the industry. By automating wagon identification, the module not only streamlines the tracking process but also minimizes human error. This leads to more efficient operations, better resource management, and improved scheduling and dispatching of railway vehicles.


Wagon numbering standards are essential for the identification and tracking of railway wagons across different regions and countries. These standards ensure consistency and ease of understanding for logistics, maintenance, and management of rail freight. Here are some key points about wagon numbering standards:


  • UIC Numbering (Europe and beyond)
    The International Union of Railways (UIC) has established a widely used numbering system. This system typically consists of 12 digits and provides detailed information about the wagon type, country of registration, owner, and specific identification number.
  • North American Standard
    In North America, the Association of American Railroads (AAR) has a different system. It usually involves a combination of letters and numbers that indicate the owner (reported mark), type of equipment, and a unique identification number.
  • CIS Countries
    For countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the numbering system aligns with the UIC but with regional adaptations. This system is crucial for transcontinental freight movements, particularly across Eurasian routes.
  • Indian Railways
    India, having one of the largest rail networks, uses a unique numbering system that includes information about the type of wagon, its ownership (whether it belongs to Indian Railways or is privately owned), and a serial number.
  • Other Regional Systems
    Different regions may have their specific systems based on operational needs and historical context. For example, China, Japan, and Australia have their unique wagon numbering standards.
identification and tracking of railway wagons


ICX further enhances its value proposition by offering additional customization options, catering to the specific needs and preferences of different railway operators. This feature allows clients to tailor the system to their unique operational requirements. Whether it’s adjusting the sensitivity of the recognition algorithms, integrating with specialized hardware, or customizing the data output format to align with existing internal systems, ICX’s flexible architecture supports these modifications. This level of customization ensures that the module not only fits into existing infrastructures seamlessly but also optimizes its functionality to meet the distinct challenges and objectives of each client. This approach underscores ICX’s commitment to providing versatile, client-centric solutions in railway logistics, making it a highly adaptable and efficient choice for a wide array of railway applications.

Need combined recognition?

Use other ICX platform modules for combined recognition to read all the codes!

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