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Industrial Cortex

AI-Powered Computer Vision Platform

Industrial Cortex offers AI-based solutions to your problems related to machine vision, video analytics and OCR fields. 

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Single solution for all industrial codes detection

Computer Vision Software Flexibility


ICX Platform works on camera stream and/or images with various interfaces – you decide the way of integration. Runs on Windows & Linux systems.

Computer Vision Software Modularity

Modular system

No need for multiple systems: ICX offers a comprehensive, all-in-one modular solution designed to adeptly manage a variety of detection scenarios.

AI powered accuracy code vision

AI powered accuracy

The ICX Platform leverages deep learning models to achieve best accuracy in wide code detection scenarios. We offer customized models tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

Industrial Cortex Containers Recognition


One solution for most complex scenarios

ICX Platform is able to detect multiple different types of objects at the same time. One notable application of this capability is in logistics and transportation sectors, where the platform excels identifying and decoding identification codes on wagons and the containers they carry at the same time.

Industry Rail Wagon codes detection and recognition

Peak performance in detection accuracy

Wagon (UIC, RUS)

95 – 99%


97 – 99%

License Plates

97 – 99%

Industrial Cortex Code Vision Solutions
Cargo Truck Container Code Recognition


Benefits that can transform the business process

Global Tracking Deliveries

Cost reduction

Minimization of errors

Reducing Delays

Improved Security

All types of freight transportation

Easy scaling to meet new requirements


ICX Platform proven in field

Border passing wagon detection soft

Border passing wagon detection in EU

The implementation of wagon code detection on the European Union’s eastern flank greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of rail freight management in this key transit area. This technology ensures seamless tracking and handling of cargo, vital for the smooth operation of cross-border railway logistics in this strategically important region.

Shipping container detection in EU ports software

Shipping container detection in EU ports

The deployment of shipping container detection technology in European Union ports significantly enhances efficiency and cargo management. This system streamlines the processing of the high volume of containers, improving throughput and reducing bottlenecks in these busy trade hubs, crucial for maintaining the smooth flow of global maritime commerce.

License plates detection in EU shipping ports

License plates detection in EU shipping ports

The application of license plate detection technology in European Union shipping ports is enhancing security and logistical efficiency. This system accurately tracks and manages vehicular traffic within the ports, streamlining cargo operations and bolstering security measures in these critical maritime hubs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What symbols and codes on vehicles are recognized by ICX Platform?


ICX Platform is capable of recognizing a wide range of symbols and codes on vehicles in various country dependent standards, including: 

  • License plates
  • Wagon codes
  • USDOT codes
  • Container codes
  • Hazardous symbols



What types of vehicles and containers can be evaluated by the system?


The system can evaluate a variety of vehicles and all types of containers including passenger trains, locomotives and track mechanisms (like cranes, laying machines, sleepers, etc.), freight, covered wagons, six-axle vehicles, distributors, transporters, dumpers, platforms of all types, department wagons, gondola wagons, tank cars, refrigerated trucks and many more.

In which industries is it most commonly used?


Used in various industries such as Logistics, Ports and Shipping, Railway and Freight, Warehousing and Storage, and Border Control. It aids in the efficient management, security, and tracking of goods.

What is computer vision in the context of freight transportation?


In the context of freight transportation, computer vision is the technology that enables systems to interpret and understand visual data from images or real-time video feeds. It’s used to recognize container codes, license plates, people counting, and more, automating processes and improving efficiency.

Is Industrial Cortex platform integrated with particular hardware?


ICX Platform is a software solution which can integrate with most of the market available cameras. Our consultants are also keen to help you select the right hardware for your deployment depending on your conditions.

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