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License Plate Recognition

Technology engineered to accurately identify and record vehicle license plates in real time.

Traffic License Plates Detection


In the evolving landscape of vehicle management and traffic control, the ICX Platform stands out with its state-of-the-art license plate recognition technology. This innovative platform is designed to revolutionize how vehicles are tracked and managed, offering a highly efficient and accurate solution for various applications, from parking management to traffic enforcement.


One of the ICX Platform modules is its cutting-edge license plate recognition (LPR) system. This technology is engineered to accurately identify and record vehicle license plates in real time. The system utilizes advanced optical character recognition (OCR) algorithms, capable of processing license plates from multiple countries and regions. Its ability to quickly and accurately read plates, regardless of vehicle speed or environmental conditions, makes it an invaluable tool for modern traffic management.

Key features


97% – 99%

Supported plates

European, South American, Asian and South African, Middle East

Lpr + Container

It can run with Container Recognition support

SDK support

C++ / C# / Java / Python

Image & Stream Based Recognition


Windows x64, Ubuntu, Arm


The ICX Platform’s license plate recognition technology offers a remarkable capability in recognizing multiple plates and identifiers on a single vehicle configuration, such as a truck, it’s trailer, and the associated shipping container code. This multifaceted recognition ability is particularly advantageous for the logistics and transportation sector, streamlining the tracking and management of entire vehicle sets. By simultaneously identifying the truck’s license plate, the trailer’s plate, and the unique code of the shipping container, the system significantly enhances the efficiency of cargo handling and monitoring at checkpoints, ports, and border crossings. This comprehensive approach not only ensures accurate vehicle and cargo tracking but also optimizes the flow of goods, reducing processing times and improving the overall logistics chain. The ICX Platform’s adeptness in handling this complex recognition task exemplifies its role as a leading-edge solution in advanced vehicle monitoring and logistics management.


The ICX Platform’s license plate recognition technology has a wide range of applications. It is ideal for use in automated toll collection, parking access control, traffic monitoring, and law enforcement. By automating plate recognition, the platform reduces the need for manual input, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing the potential for human error.


With its precise recognition capabilities, the ICX Platform also plays a crucial role in enhancing security and compliance. It aids in the enforcement of traffic laws and parking regulations, and can be an essential tool in identifying stolen or suspect vehicles, contributing to overall public safety.

Industrial Cortex software live license plate recognition
real-time license plate recognition


One of the most compelling aspects of the ICX Platform is its ease of integration with existing infrastructure. Designed to be adaptable, it requires minimal modifications to current systems, allowing for quick and cost-effective implementation. The platform is compatible with a wide range of camera types, ensuring that it can be effortlessly incorporated into diverse operational environments.


Understanding the unique needs of different users, the ICX Platform offers extensive customization options. Clients can tailor the system to specific requirements, such as adjusting the recognition sensitivity, integrating with existing databases, or customizing the data reporting formats. Additionally, the platform’s scalable architecture ensures that it can grow with the evolving needs of its users, making it a future-proof investment for any organization looking to enhance its vehicle management capabilities.


ICX LPR offers several key advantages

  1. Improved Security and Law Enforcement: LPR is instrumental in enhancing security measures. It aids law enforcement in tracking and identifying vehicles involved in illegal activities, such as speeding, theft, or other criminal acts.
  2. Traffic Management: LPR technology can be used to monitor traffic flow and congestion, aiding in traffic management and urban planning. It helps in identifying bottlenecks and can contribute to the development of more efficient road networks.
  3. Parking Management: In parking areas, LPR streamlines the process of monitoring and managing parking spaces. It allows for automatic ticketing, payment processing, and ensures that parking rules are adhered to.
  4. Toll Collection Efficiency: LPR facilitates electronic toll collection, allowing for a seamless, faster, and more efficient process. This reduces traffic congestion at toll booths and minimizes the need for manual toll collection.
  5. Access Control: For secured areas, LPR can be used as a method of access control, allowing only authorized vehicles to enter certain premises, enhancing security and control.
  6. Enhanced Customer Experience: In retail and hospitality sectors, LPR can be used to personalize customer experiences, such as greeting customers by name at drive-thrus or offering tailored services based on previous visits.
  7. Reduced Evasion of Regulations: LPR helps in enforcing road rules and regulations, reducing instances of evasion such as unpaid parking tickets or tolls, leading to fairer and more consistent enforcement.
  8. Data Collection for Analysis: The data collected via LPR can be invaluable for analyzing traffic patterns, vehicle usage, and compliance with traffic regulations, contributing to smarter city planning and policy-making.

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